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Automatic trip flap that is invisibly embedded in the door and will operate when closing the door. This will prevent airflow noise.

Do you recognize this? A front door that jams or has a gap, or a lock "with instructions" where you always need a little bit of rumble before it closes properly?
A well-sealed frontdoor with smooth-functioning hinges and locks is so much more comfortable.
The door moves easy and closes without pulling or a noisy lock. Effortlessly unlock and a perfectly closing door. Anti airflow strips or a sill ensure that airflow and cold stay outside. A brush or inside flap will seal the letterbox well.

Once you have one, you will find out the level of comfort en ease of use a good frontdoor will provide.
Let 'Voordeur Update' fix those annoyances and make your front door as new.
Also comfort features like automatic doorcloser, a letterbox-brush or a airflow-free sealing dropseal, will be fitted perfectly.veerplaat

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