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Three point locking

Safety lock that closes the door on three points in one operation.
Can be operated on both sides of the door.

Your front door keeps unwanted "guests" outside
Some have a window that can be opened and is secured by a thin slider. Or a mailbox that is in line with a sliding lock that can be opened from the outside with a hook through the letterbox.
And offcourse there are still people who have a string hanging from their mailbox so that children can get inside more easy.
All extremely vulnerable for burglary.
Remember that the number of burglaries by opportunistic thieves are still increasing.

The door itself
sleutelsPerhaps the structure of the door is so weakened by wear and tear and time that replacement is the best choice. There is a large range of doors available, in all styles; classic traditional to modern and even controversial. Choose between solid varnished wood or a beautiful lacquered finish.
With or without glass panels or metal core as additional burglary safety.

One, or several glass panels create a less robust door and also provides additional light in corridor or hallway.
If you choose for glass windows, make sure the panels are fixed and determine if only light (ground glass) or also view (clear glass) is desirable.
Nowadays it's even possible to fix traditional stained glass in between two glass plates to make it secure and draft-free.
To see who is at the door a traditonal 'spy' or the modern version with a small camera is recommended.

Hinges and locks

Worn hinges or a bad lock makes burglary very easily. Make sure your front door is fitted with solid hinges and locks.

Sturdy hinges fitted with dead bolts and a lock with the police safetylabel, or with side locks and a modern multi-point lock provide adequate security.
A jar holder ensures that you can safely unlock your door without the visitor entering inmediatly.
Half measures or palliatives, don't work. Let Voordeur-update judge your situation. We can inform you about the possibilities, give you advise for the best choice on location and we will assemble everything quickly and professionally for you.

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