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Everyone has one, a door.
Residents of appartments often have two; one on the ground floor and one at the appartment. That door protects our privacy and forms the barrier between the outside world and your home,(usually only 4 cm thick) where you feel at home and at ease.

Traditional doors are usually made out of wood, with a construction of non-solid panels, beautiful wood with a glossy varnish or neatly lacquered.
Your front door is the 'business card' for your home. For visitors this is the first encounter, and a beautifully manicured entrance will give a good first impression.

Voordeur (Front Door) Update is the way to restore your front door again to a perfect condition. Provided that the door is not rotten, we can supply a second life for all doors. Wheter the door is crooked, or binding, closes badly, or is just old....
We make your door isolating, fireproof and burglar-proof.

kierhouderUpdating your door means:

  • Re-Mounting and fitting your door
  • Milling the grooves and mounting weatherstrips
  • Applying burglar proof hinges and locks 

We guarantee that your door is completely windproof, waterproof and soundproof.

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